Help if you're in arrears

I am in arrears – what should I do?
If you have fallen behind with your rent payments, you should contact your local housing office as soon as you are having money problems and finding it hard to pay your rent.

They will help you come to an agreement to pay off the money you owe at a reasonable rate. However, should you fail to keep to this agreement the Association is entitled to take legal action which could ultimately lead to you losing your home.

I am in debt. Where can I get help?
For advice on how to maximise your income and to check you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to, please click here

You can also visit for further debt advice.

Will I be evicted if I do not pay my rent?
If your rent account continues to fall into serious rent arrears and you do not comply with the agreement to pay, Two Castles Housing Association can apply to the County Court for you to be evicted. Evictions can also be carried out for severe cases of anti-social behaviour and racial harassment.

What should I do if I owe rent on a property I previously rented from Two Castles Housing Association?
You will be expected to pay this off. However, if you are unable to pay this in a lump sum you should contact your local housing office to arrange to pay by instalments. If you fail to pay the amount owed, this debt may result in the matter being pursued through a debt recovery agency and could result in a Court Order.