What is happening?
Two Castles Housing Association (TCHA) and Derwent & Solway Housing Association (D&S) are in the process of exploring a partnership opportunity, which will see the two organisations coming together to form one new housing organisation, providing homes across the North of England.

Who is Derwent & Solway Housing Association?
D&S provides and manages 3,100 homes in towns and rural areas in and around Allerdale, including Workington, Cockermouth, Maryport, Keswick, Wigton, Aspatria and Silloth.
D&S is currently part of Your Housing Group (YHG). D&S and YHG have agreed to part ways and to find a new partner for D&S. Together they have chosen TCHA as the organisation best placed to partner with D&S.

When will the change happen?
Following approval from the governing Boards of TCHA, D&S, and YHG, we anticipate the partnership to be complete by 31st July 2017, creating one new housing organisation.

Will my rent go up?
No. All rents, services charges and annual reviews are unaffected and you will continue to pay what you do now and in the same way.

Will my tenancy / leasehold agreement change?
Your home will become part of the new organisation formed by TCHA and D&S and your tenancy / leasehold agreement and services will transfer to the new organisation and continue. All rights and responsibilities in your existing agreement stay the same.

Will I get the same services as before?
Yes you will. One main reason for the partnership is so we can remain locally focussed and enhance future services in partnership with the local community.

Who do I contact if I have a question or need to report a repair?
For now you should continue to contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 085 1171 or www.twocastles.org.uk

Who will be my landlord be after 31st July 2017?
We are currently considering a change of name to reflect the new equal partnership between the two organisations. Further details will be revealed in due course and we will keep you updated as much as possible and when there is more information available. A change of name will not affect your rent, services or terms or tenancy / leasehold agreement.

What happens next?
As the merger process progresses we will keep you updated as much as possible and we will be writing to all residents over the coming weeks with more information.